Friday, November 7, 2014

Ramblings of Randi

So, I took a couple years away from my blog... no big deal!
My last post was about Ty turning 8, well he is now 12. Ty is a soccer boy to the core! He plays competitively with Fire FC and he loves it!
Tate is going to be 11 next week! He is definitely a book lover, bike rider and basketball man.
Tayla is 9. She loves to run. Weird huh? She is very Valley girlish and she doesn't not like to get dirty, but she does great playing volleyball!
Tori is 7. She is super tall and very proud of it! She is very smart and sneaky, I have to keep my eye on her!
Tessa is the latest and last addition! She is two. She is the glue and the gob of laughter that keeps us all together! She is the best surprise ever and to top it all off, she even has red hair like Ty.
I am going to try and update my blog, but it will be a little more about my reality, then the fake stuff I want to post about! It will be about my journey through reality with my family, and honesty is one of my only virtues!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ty is almost 8

We will baptize Ty on February 27, 2010 at our stake center. After we will have a party for his birthday. If the weather is good we will have the party at our house so the kids can play at the park. If the weather is bad, we reserved our ward house so we can play in the gym.
Now, consider this an invitation to his baptism. All I request is an RSVP so I know how much food to cook!!


What an angel!! Yes that is my own personal stash of makeup! I came downstairs and the girls were sitting like that.

Getting rid of her crib was a big mistake!

Christmas morning!

The race was on! Tayla, Callie, Kenadee and Tori with the dolls my mom made them.

My little girls, my little boys, and us all!

Okay, if I have any followers left, thank you. If not, oh wells. My news years resolution had nothing to do with keeping up with my blog, sorry. I will do some quick facts and hopefully some pictures.

1. Christmas was fun! The kids had a great time. We drove to Salt Lake Christmas morning and spent time with Jade's family.

2. Jade started school last month. There has not been a lot of work so he has been doing odd jobs here and there, and so far we have survived!

3. Tate has lost his first two teeth. Ty has lost his front four!

4. Tate loves school and is doing great!

5. Ty despises school and keeps all things challenging for us!

6. Tayla could dance and sing all day and night. She has the gracefullness that I never had, but unfortunately here singing isn't much better than mine!

7. Tori continues to keep us all on our toes. She is the laugh of the house and always does something crazy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick Update

My dad took my mom to the hospital Thursday night because she was really sick. Long story short: She has Ischemic Bowel and colitis maybe they are the same thing, I am not sure. A part of the inside of her bowel started to die and it started sluffing off. Not sluffing as in what my dad did in school, but sluffing as in shedding. She has to stay in the hospital until she can eat solid foods, get her red blood cell count back up and keep her temperature down. Monday is the expected release date but until her red blood cells show that there is no more bleeding she stays. It is extremely painful and she hasn't had fun, but it could've been a lot worse so we are grateful for the small miracles!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


On November 4 my whole family went to Disneyland. It consisted of 2 parents, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, 1 aunt, my husband, my 4 kids, 5 nieces, 3 nephews, 2 cousins and me. It was a lot of fun! We went to the beach on Thursday, Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday and Saturday, Legoland on Sunday and home on Monday.

Things came together so quickly, it seemed like a last minute trip. Rhondelle decided to come like 2 days before we left and we had a great time. My boys rode all the rides. Tate was a daredevil and went on Tower of Terror and California Screamer twice. Tayla went to Splash Mountain and screamed the whole time. She was hysterical by the time it was over. After that her and I rode the girly rides over and over. Ty was just happy to be there and wanted to try everything once, Splash Mountain he rode again and again and again..... Tori just loved being with everybody and riding in the stroller.

The weather was beautiful, we hardly needed jackets during the day. When we left California we were all still nice to each other, so that was a definite success! Thanks Ron and Brit for coming up with the idea! I might post pictures and I might not! You will just have to wait and see!! If there are letters missing in my post, I am using an awesome computer that sometimes doesnt type right!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We spent a lot of time in Salt Lake "helping" Jade. Tate wanted all his cousins to see him on the internet working. Ty loved being in the tractor. You can tell who rules, the one on the bed!

Ty, Tayla, Tate and Tori playing in the rain. Jade caught a snake for the kids.

Tayla thought it was gross. We went to the zoo with Nana Conrad.

We had lunch at Harmon's grocery store! It was fun until all 4 spilled something.

The boys played baseball, the girls watched. Ty is serious about sports but Tate was making friends with the opposing team, twirling around and practicing gymnastics.

The boys tried to teach Tayla about sports, she's not interested. Tori hates dresses. I took a picture because she ripped it off and now she starts yelling when she sees anything fluffy.
This was a random trip we took. We started in Kolob and ended spending the night in Kanab, Utah, yeehaw!! Obviously Tori loves chapstick!

We have been busy, things have been crazy, and it is time to get back to blogging!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Soccer had come and gone just in time for baseball to start. I am not looking forward to having to watch baseball games in 100 degree weather. I am excited to see Tate play t-ball and Ty playing pee-wee! It will be exciting.

Jade is mostly out of town lately. Last week he came in town and we took off on a last minute trip, we didn't pack hardly anything and we took off. We went to Kolob mountain and it was freezing and raining and the fish weren't biting. So we headed to Zions then Kanab, back to Zions and on to my pareents in time for Sunday dinner! It was awesome!
Jade's parents came down the weekend before last and it was a nice break. Jade was on a two weeker trip to Logan so it was so nice that their Nana and Pa came anyways! Thank you!
My parents have been great to help me out. My house is a mess so I hang out over there all day!! I have been doing a lot at Tate and Tayla's preschool and they have helped with Tori tons. I also had a chance to go with Ty on his field trip to Snow Canyon. Man it totally kicked mybutt hiking with a bunch of first graders! I am glad they asked me to go!

I am now going to try and post a few pictures. If none show up them I got mad and shut my computer off without them!