Friday, November 7, 2014

Ramblings of Randi

So, I took a couple years away from my blog... no big deal!
My last post was about Ty turning 8, well he is now 12. Ty is a soccer boy to the core! He plays competitively with Fire FC and he loves it!
Tate is going to be 11 next week! He is definitely a book lover, bike rider and basketball man.
Tayla is 9. She loves to run. Weird huh? She is very Valley girlish and she doesn't not like to get dirty, but she does great playing volleyball!
Tori is 7. She is super tall and very proud of it! She is very smart and sneaky, I have to keep my eye on her!
Tessa is the latest and last addition! She is two. She is the glue and the gob of laughter that keeps us all together! She is the best surprise ever and to top it all off, she even has red hair like Ty.
I am going to try and update my blog, but it will be a little more about my reality, then the fake stuff I want to post about! It will be about my journey through reality with my family, and honesty is one of my only virtues!

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